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K-On! Season 2 Part 2 DVD Review

K-On! Season 2 Part 2 DVDDirector: Naoko Yamada,

Starring: Aki Toyosaki, Stephanie Sheh, Asami Sanada, Karen Strassman, Ayana Taketatsu, Christine Marie Cabanos, Chika Fujito, Laura Bailey, Madoka Yonezawa, Xanthe Huynh, Minako Kotobuki, Shelby Lindley, Satomi Satou, Cassandra Lee

Running Time: 300 minutes

Certificate: PG

K-ON!! returns to complete its second season and fans will be highly delighted to hear that not many changes have been made to the formula. On the flipside of that coin, detractors will still have plenty of ammo to aim at this happy-happy-joy-joy show where the biggest problems are the little inconveniences that litter our everyday lives. Once again we follow the girls of the Light Music Club as they approach graduation. Even the impending exams and moving on to high school don’t supply us with any cause for concern.

K-ON!! is that rare show that really is all about having a good time. The characters are perfect role models for younger children, as they aren’t weighted down by peer pressure, drugs, bullying, or sexual exploration. In fact, male characters are almost non-existent in this pure and innocent world. It must be said though that even the laidback personality of the show can become tiresome. One episode sees the girls sitting around and debating about what to do next, they try out a number of things but never seem to get anywhere.

If you’re new to anime and are already beginning to spot the tropes that make up the format, then you may want to check out this series. It certainly proves that anime can exist without over-sexualised girls in school uniforms, supernatural elements, or convoluted plots/details. The focus on friendship is something many young girls will connect with, and will probably be exceptionally happy that all the bitchy behaviours and competitive elements are left far behind. When a girl aims to achieve something, the entire school is behind her. Teachers don’t get angry at students being late, but would rather understand why they’re late. Even when, horror of horror, one character finds a hole in her tights, no one makes fun, they simply go and get some new tights.

Anyone looking for a gentle respite from the norm could do a lot worse than sitting down to enjoy some K-ON!! fun. The vocal work is sweet in both language versions, and the animation captures familiar scenery and gives it life. The characters may seem like carbon copies of each other, but at least that means they’re all tolerable and fun. A reliable and familiar extension of the series.

3 StarsK-ON!! Season 2 Part 2 is released on DVD on 22nd July via Manga Entertainment.

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