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Charlie Hunnam To Star In ‘Triple Nine’

SONS OF ANARCHY Charlie HunnamLAWLESS and THE ROAD director John Hillcoat is getting ready for his new project, and it looks like SONS OF ANARCHY and PACIFIC RIM star Charlie Hunnam will be the first face to the line up.

Directed by Hillcoat and written by Matt Cook, TRIPLE NINE follows a group of corrupt cops who try and plan a bank heist. In case you didn’t know, “triple nine” is a police time when they need extra assistance.

It is unclear as to who will be joining Hunnam in TRIPLE NINE just yet, but it is to believed that Hillcoat wanted to reunite with LAWLESS star Shia LeBeouf for another project. We wonder if LeBeouf would be able to beat up Hunnam like he supposedly did Tom Hardy…

Charlie Hunnam is slowly becoming everybody’s new leading man. As well as starring in PACIFIC RIM and heading into six of SONS OF ANARCHY, he will be reuniting with Guillermo del Toro for CRIMSON PEAK, which starts production in January.

Source: Variety

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ronnie Kantorik

    Aug 23, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    how did the rumor start Shia beat up Tom? I was on set every day and guess what? They didnt fight nor come close to it! lol You people kill me

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