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Korean Epidemic Thriller ‘The Flu’ Catches A Trailer

by Luke Ryan Baldock

We’ve all had it, we’ve all overreacted to it, and sometimes it gets deadly. Now one of the world’s most common diseases is taking over South Korea in THE FLU. Sure, the title doesn’t sound that terrifying, but let’s not forget that flu can be a serious illness. I blame man-flu for lessening the impact. From director Kim Sung Su, who gave us the magnificent THE WARRIOR and the charming PLEASE TEACH ME ENGLISH, this will be his first film in a decade. There are certainly some unsettling images in this trailer, and South Korea has a penchant for tackling familiar Hollywood blockbuster genres with a new outlook.

THE FLU is released in its homeland on 15th August, with an international release yet to be determined. It stars Jang Hyeok, Soo Ae, and Yoo Hae Jin.

Source: CJ Entertainment

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