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BINGO! Dino-DNA Art For Jurassic Park’s 20th

by Luke Ryan Baldock

I still remember sitting in the cinema for JURASSIC PARK when it opened 20 years ago. I would have been seven, and I would have been crapping my pants when (appropriately) the lawyer was ripped off the toilet by a furious T-Rex. The film was an event, and it has had an impact on cinema ever since. To celebrate the film’s birthday, an online art gallery titled Dino-DNA is showcasing some brilliant pieces inspired by the film. You can see some of our top picks below, but head over to Dino-DNA to see the lot! Steven Spielberg’s classic got a 3D reworking this year and will hopefully make its way to UK Blu-ray in the near future.

Dino-DNA 1 Dino-DNA 2 Dino-DNA 3 Dino-DNA 4

Source: Dino-DNA

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