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Timothy Olyphant Is ‘The Man On Carrion Road’

by Craig Hunter


The ever-excellent and THN legend Timothy Olyphant (star of the cult series’ DEADWOOD and JUSTIFIED) will don a stetson yet again in modern-day ultra-violent western, THE MAN ON CARRION ROAD. The film centres on a botched Mexican cartel deal on the grimy streets of a US border town. The charismatic actor will headline as a newly-appointed Sheriff, who teams up with the man he took over from, in an effort to rid the small town of the criminal scum now making inhabitants lives a misery.

The film, which sounds like it has a WALKING TALL vibe, has a screenplay by Nils Lyew with APOLLO 18 director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego taking charge. Shooting will begin in August for Atlas Independent and Relativity International. Fingers crossed that aforementioned ‘vibe’ is the 1973 original and not the 2004 woeful remake starring Dwayne Johnson. Still, it will be great to see Olyphant back on the big-sceen.

We’ll keep you posted on further casting announcements on the project.

Source: Empire


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