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The Hollywood News Sponsors And Judges Student Short Film Competition


Today is the 1st of March, and we’re well into the year, and what a year it has been so far in the world of film. Just when you thought award season was over, this month The Hollywood News will be sponsor and be the sole judge of a fantastic studentshort film competition over at ReelShow International. ReelShow will be hosting a further four short film contests throughout 2013, the films falling in different categories.

The 5 categories are:

  • Drama
  • Documentary/ Mockumentary
  • 30 Second Commercials
  • Animation
  • Music Video

Yours truly has been asked to cast his eye over a series of submitted short films in a specific category. The March competition, the one which we’ll be judging, is the ‘Drama’ category, and the nominations so far (deadline for entry is 18th March 2013) are:

Sunny directed by Jacob Moe
The Rules
directed by Kathy Coulter
directed by Keith MacDonald
produced by Georgia Ball
15 Minutes
directed by Ebuka Njoku
A Mug’s Game
directed by Barri Costello
10 Commandments
directed by David Chokolashvili
Stand Up
directed by Matt Melling

Competition entry 'Sunny'

Competition entry ‘Sunny’

The winner will be awarded a prize of $75 in Amazon vouchers, and will be interviewed on this very website. All of these short films are available over on the ReelShow website for everyone to view, and you can do so via this link. I will be casting my eye over each over the next few days, and a winner will be announced later in the month. I’d like to wish the best of luck to each of the nominees, and I look forward to sharing the winner with our readers, and running an exclusive interview with the filmmaker very soon.

If you are interested in submitting your short in the contest, and you meet all of the guidelines, you can do so by submitting it via this link by the 18th March 2013. The rules of submission are posted below.

Good luck!

  • The 5 Finalists of each competition will be selected by The Hollywood News. The winner of each competition will be chosen by Paul Heath, Editor-In-Chief of The Hollywood News,
  • The prize is a US$75.00 Amazon Voucher for the winner. An interview with The Hollywood News and unlimited free hosting of your film on The Reelshow.
  • Only films uploaded or submitted to The Reelshow from January 2013 onwards can be entered into this year’s competitions.
  • Films can be submitted for entry to a Reelshow competition as soon as the competition page is up on The Reelshow Film Contest site. But we will ask you when you upload if you want to take part in a competition.
  • Films that have already won a Reelshow competition or festival will not be considered.
  • A maximum total of 25 films will be considered for each competition and only one film entry per Reelshow member. If there are less then 8 films entered the competition will be cancelled or rolled over.
  • A YouTube or Vimeo link to your film entry will be needed.

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