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Bates Motel TV Series Launches Brilliantly Creepy Interactive Website

Just around the creepy corner is new TV series BATES MOTEL, based – of course – on PSYCHO and the family-friendly Bates and all the lovely japes that they get up to. Hang on, disclaimer, if you don’t know Norman Bates or anything PSYCHO then this isn’t really one for all the family, unless you like dressing up like your dead mother and killing your motel guests.

Moving on, the TV series that’s due on our screens in in the US in March has already given us a few clever teaser posters and a trailer, but we’re hoping it retains those dark undertones without becoming too Hollywood, or standard. They’ve got a good chance of creating their own world and they’re starting here with this in-depth interactive website which looks at voyeurism, and the dark matters of the heart and head.  The in-world environment is vital to a whole new spin-off and so far, we’re a little hopeful! Take a look…if you dare by clicking the image just below and Dig Deeper Into The Show:


BATES MOTEL stars Freddie Highmore as the troubled Norman, alongside Vera Farmiga as devoted mother Norma. The series also stars Nestor Carbonell, Max Thieriot, Jere Burns, Olivia Cooke and Mike Vogel.

Source: BatesMotel

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