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Cornucopia From ‘Catching Fire’ Revealed Thanks To Google Maps

Not even Hollywood can escape the prying eye of Google! It was discovered today that Google Maps reveals CATCHING FIRE’s Cornucopia on their satellite view option.

CATCHING FIRE, which will see Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson reprising their roles as Katniss and Peeta, revealed back in September that producers were at The Beach, an outdoor water park based in Clayton County, Georgia to shoot the Cornucopia scenes, and with Google’s help, that is indeed true.

Catching Fire Set Revealed On Google Maps

While this set was built in Georgia, most of the scenes  have been shot in Hawaii. While this satellite might not be the best spoiler, it still shows just how huge the second movie is going to be.

Whatever you might think of THE HUNGERS GAME and CATCHING FIRE, this is surely the best accidental spoiler of all time.

Source: Mockingjay

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