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Alice Englert Stars In New Banner For ‘Beautiful Creatures’

by Dan Bullock

This morning we’ve got an all-new character banner featuring Alice Englert as BEAUTIFUL CREATURES character Lena Duchannes. This film set in the South of the USA, tells the story of two *coughs ROMEO & JULIET* star-crossed lovers Ethan (played by Alden Ehrenreich) who longs to get out of the generic small town, and the pictured Lena (Alice Englert – GINGER & ROSA), who’s a mysterious new visitor…oooh. Although if the picture is anything to go by, she’s not exactly shy, right? I believe the two will find out things about each other, the place they reside and, er, life…blah blah and we think there’s a gap in market for something supernatural, now that TWILIGHT franchise comes to a close.

Obviously, I’m being a little cruel for the film based on the very popular Kami Garcia book and I genuinely will reserve full judgement until it’s released on February 13th, 2013 in the US and UK. I just realised that’s basically Valentine’s…cue tied-in TV advertising around the time, surely Garcia deserves better than that? Scroll down for the fantastical new poster, and click here for the trailer and group shot!

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES stars Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson, Emmy Rossum, Viola Davis, Thomas Mann, Kyle Gallner, Alice Englert, and Zoey Deutch.

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