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THN Gift Ideas: Be Your Own Bond With Firebox Gadgets!

by Dan Bullock

We’re a big fan of Firebox, they have amazingly awesome items and to be quite honest…we pretty much want everything. However, as the gods of wages aren’t rewarding everyone with pockets of endless funds and the fact that after SKYFALL, we all want to be 007 again, we’ve put together a range of gadgets that everyone should either own or pick up for a great gift.

First up, one for the DIY lovers or should we say, the secret agent needing to strip back some wires and stop something bad kicking off, it’s this Swiss Army (Pen) Knife that’s a 12-in-1 Tool Pen and an absolute bargain at £9.99. But what does it do? Well, here you go: it’s a hole puncher; a stainless steel file; a short cutting blade; a flat screwdriver; a wire sleeve remover/small nail remover; an ear pick; a long cutting blade; a tweezer; a Philips screwdriver; a stainless steel fork AND a saw.

We’ve already found it handy stripping down wire to fix plugs, tweezers for picking out splinters after free-running away from some Russians, helping to defuse a bomb with the screwdrivers and even the fork for, well, eating. One of these isn’t true…

Take a look below and order one now through this even handier link, which isn’t as handy as the 12-in-1 tool pen of course but, oh you know what we mean!

What’s up next? Well, we’ve jumped price a little but it’s a special item and just blinking tremendous.  Ever wanted a new HD camera, or one of those mini-helicopters that everyone else seems to have? Firebox and Flying Toys have merged them with super powers and now you can have both with this Radio Control HD Video Helicopter 2.0.

The standard infrared video helicopter has been upgraded with new tech to help a generation of fly-boys and girls keep an eye in the skies. This new 3-channel, radio controlled ‘copter has a high definition camera (that thing that makes everything look super sharp) and allows you to shoot up to a minute of video, or hundreds of photos but you will need a Micro SD Card. It’s also easily downloadable via your card or the micro USB cable that’s included.

We’ve had a go and although it took about 10 minutes of the helicopter taking off, landing and getting stuck in the carpet, with a little bit of patience, it’s so easy once you’re up and flying. Think of it as a video game controller, and if you know anyone with any kind of console, they’ll bloody well love this! Just don’t forget to grab a few AA Batteries for the present-opening day. Click here for some video footage, scroll down for a few images and then order it here for £69.99!

And finally you’re thinking you might not be a James Bond but wouldn’t mind being a devising, scheming evil doer? Then we’ve found the perfect – yet slightly more expensive – Villain Chair!  This little beauty doesn’t come with a malicious white cat but is incredibly comfortable and a mighty beast with measurements of 900 x 900 x 1200mm, so make sure you’ve got a proper sized evil-lair to fit this into.

Made by Suck UK, the chair is handmade and you could even have it upholstered in various colours, maybe to suit your style or the various edges of your personality? The chair has been mastered together with steel, chrome and those 20 padded leather facets on formed aluminium. The semi-cocooned shape is designed to turn your plans into perfections – and then you can turn around and reveal your dastardly ways to your minions, or push a nearby button to send them into a pit of despair for their failures – this latter idea is down to you, of course.

The other option for the Villain Chair is to use it as a chair, before we lose ourselves completely,and you’ll be perfectly at home eating cake in it as you would be taking over the world. Take a look below and order this bespoke item by clicking right here, it’s a measly *coughs* £4,500 but does come with free delivery…which is nice.

We’re not sure why you’re still here, get over to Firebox for these amazing gifts and a whole, load more!

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