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Two TV Spots & Featurette For Resident Evil: Retribution!

by Craig Hunter

While it’s been acknowledged many times by me on THN when reporting anything ‘game’ related, I should reiterate: I have no clue when it comes to latest console technology. I grew up in the age of ZX Spectrum and Atari, which I left well behind all those centuries ago kids. Which means I have no idea if any videogame franchise based a top-selling game is faithful when it comes to its big-screen treatment. While I thought Paul W. S. Anderson’s original RESIDENT EVIL was a decent enough zombie/actioner (a solid three star I felt), I just couldn’t take the last three efforts seriously as entertainment. ‘Pure shit’, to coin frequent phrase at THN HQ.

Anderson’s latest horror sequel (and his third of the franchise) will invade cinemas 28th September, which I’m sure will see no change to the box-office winning formula: Alice (Milla Jovovich) taking out the Umbrella Corporations Zombie trash. So for those fans following the franchise from the beginning and eager to see more, we’ve two TV spots and featurette surrounding the fifth entry RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION.

Source: Sony Pictures

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