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‘Doctor Who’ Series 7 Movie Style Episode Posters

by Luke Ryan Baldock

DOCTOR WHO series 7 kicks off this Saturday, and the world is going crazy waiting for it. People are screaming ‘MATT SMITH!!!’ At the top of their lungs and schools are having days where children must come dressed as Daleks. Probably! That’s how I imagine everything happening anyway. I mean, they make such a big hullabaloo over The Olympics so I would imagine that something that is actually interesting would get the same amount of fanfare.

Series 7 is being promoted via these awesome looking movie-style posters. Each episode is getting one and it just makes me even more excited. That’s The Doctor riding a triceratops. My God it’s beautiful. I know for the next 5 Saturdays I’ll be dressed in my official Doctor Who jacket, clutching one of my multiple sonic screwdrivers, and checking the time on my fob watch.

Source: BBC Doctor Who

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