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Two New TV Spots For Resident Evil: Retribution

by Craig Hunter

I’ve always found the RESIDENT EVIL franchise similar to a dog going round in circles, chasing its own tail. Although I enjoyed Alice’s ass-kicking antics in Paul W. S. Anderson’s opener, I’ve never felt the series has really gone anywhere and the last three entries, in my opinion, were pretty dire. Could things be about to change as RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION sees Milla Jovovivch return for her fifth battle with the Umbrella Corporation’s zombie hordes? We live in hope!

This latest effort has Anderson helm his third on the series with a cast of returnees that include Michelle Rodriguez, Colin Salmon, Sienna Guillory, Oded Fehr, Shawn Roberts and Boris Kodjoe. Here are those spots:

RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION hits cinema screens 28th September.

Source: Sony Pictures

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