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Trailer For Found Footage Horror ‘Stage Fright’

by Luke Ryan Baldock

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 is going to get some found footage horror competition in the form of STAGE FRIGHT this year, and here’s the first trailer released. STAGE FRIGHT ‘documents’ the last few hours of a group of students found hung in a high school. All of this relates back to an accident from decades before involving a school play gone wrong.

The trailer seems to be mostly made up of fake news coverage and audience reactions, which will hopefully result in the film having many surprises when it opens. But I think it’s a little too late in the game to be trying so hard to pass this off as real. I’m willing to suspend disbelief when I actually sit down to watch the film, but constantly telling me how real it is just makes me think the filmmakers aren’t confident enough in their own film. At the same time, I am impressed that the film is remaining silent on whether this is paranormal forces at work or not. Knowing my love of the found footage genre, I’ll be giving this a watch.

STAGE FRIGHT should be released in October.

Source: First Showing

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