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Figure-Hugging Jovovich Teases In Latest Resident Evil: Retribution Poster

Being as clueless about video-games as an American watching Eastenders, I still quite enjoyed Paul W.S. Anderson’s first RESIDENT EVIL outing. Part of that is probably due to the lovely Milla Jovovich, rather than the zombie-infested plot. Having said that I was truly astonished at how bad the sequels were, and even the last effort, which saw Anderson return to the franchise (for the first 3D installment) was just as dire. The fact I’m not 15 and stuck to a game console is possibly the reason, as opposed to the movies being utterly shit. Someone help me out?

Anyway, THN is able to bring you the latest poster for the fifth in the franchise, RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION, for Anderson once again returns, along with his lovely leading lady wife Jovovich (the lucky bugger), as Alice. Will the film surpass previous efforts? I’m past caring but for those eager to find out, it’s released 28th September and co-stars Michelle Rodriguez, Kevin Durand, Sienna Guillory, Colin Salmon and Oded Fehr.

Source: IMPawards

Craig was our great north east correspondent, proving that it’s so ‘grim up north’ that losing yourself in a world of film is a foregone prerequisite. He has been studying the best (and often worst) of both classic and modern cinema at the University of Life for as long as he can remember. Craig’s favorite films include THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, JFK, GOODFELLAS, SCARFACE, and most of John Carpenter’s early work, particularly THE THING and HALLOWEEN.

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