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‘What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?’ Well, You’re About To Find Out

Walter Hill (LAST MAN STANDING) has signed up to direct a remake of the 1962 classic WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? The original stars Bette Davis and Joan Crawford as two sisters, both actresses, who lived in virtual isolation in a Hollywood mansion and is absolutely brilliant – it’s claustrophobic, suspenseful, and in truth almost untouchable.. .but that’s never stopped Hollywood before, has it? No wonder Bette Davis looks so horrified above.

Any fans of Robert Aldrich’s original out there? How do you feel about it? Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: Variety

Sam is a bloody lovely lad born and raised in Bristol (he’s still there and can’t escape). Favourite films include THE LOST BOYS, DRIVE, FIGHT CLUB and COMMANDO, well pretty much any 1980s Arnie film you can throw his way…even RED SONJA. Sam once cancelled a Total Film subscription after they slagged off Teen Wolf. He resubscribed 2 days later.

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