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Trailer For Bryan Singer’s Online Thriller H+

The full trailer for Bryan Singer’s digital media series H+ has debuted online, revealing footage that pushes the envelope for exclusive online drama. The X-MEN and USUAL SUSPECTS helmer is producing the project alongside SORORITY ROW director Stewart Hendler who will take the reins behind the camera.

H+ is set in the near-future where an implant called Hplus Nano Teoranta allows recipients to essentially connect their brains to the internet. A malicious virus infects the network resulting in millions of fatalities and a global catastrophe.

Fans of Charlie Brooker’s BLACK MIRROR may see similarities with the episode THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF YOU in which a nano device enabled users to permanently record their every memory. H+ pushes this concept further with much bigger consequences. There’s also some LOST influences thrown in with a dash of TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY and plenty of other sci-fi influences you know a super-nerd like Singer would be all over.

The digital series will broadcast via YouTube and upload new episodes each Wednesday for an as-yet undisclosed run. H+ premieres 8th August 2012. Watch the full trailer below:

Source: FilmJunk

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