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Oops Pardon! Red Band Trailer For Magic Mike!

Get ready for one of the biggest surprises of 2012 – it’s MAGIC MIKE, Steven Soderbergh’s cheeky tale of a young male stripper. On paper it’s easy to scoff at, but early responses to the film have been incredibly strong (including one of THN’s very own), and following from an impressive comedic turn in 21 JUMP ST, it turns out Channing Tatum might not be juts a pretty boy dullard, but a serious young Hollywood talent.

Tatum stars as the titular Mike, who teaches another young dancer the stripping life – partying, babes, and easy money. Good work if you can get it.

Check out the new red band trailer. Steady ladies.

MAGIC MIKE co stars Matthew McCongaughey, Alex Pettyfer, and Olivia Munn. It arrives in UK cinemas 11th July.

Source: Digital Spy

Tom Fordy is a writer and journalist. Originally from Bristol, he now lives in London. He is a former editor of The Hollywood News and Loaded magazine. He also contributes regularly to The Telegraph, Esquire Weekly and numerous others. Follow him @thetomfordy.

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