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‘Raging Bull 2’ Goes Ahead Without De Niro Or Scorsese

It appears a prequel/sequel to Martin Scorsese’s boxing biopic RAGING BULL is moving forward, without the Oscar-winning director or acting legend Robert De Niro involved. It’s not surprising given the original was made over 32 years ago, with De Niro at his physical and acting peak. Instead THE ROCK and THE DEVIL’S REJECTS’ William Forsyth will portray the notoriously destructive (both in and out of the ring), former middleweight champion, Jake LaMotta.

The film is based on the book, co-written by LaMotta, Chris Anderson and Sharon McGehee, surprisingly titled RANGING BULL 2. It is expected to show LaMotta’s rise from young hoodlum to boxing brute, as well as his struggles of leaving the sport, which was only touched upon in Scorsese’s 1980 masterpiece.

Shooting is set to begin in June with Martin Guigui at the helm.

Craig was our great north east correspondent, proving that it’s so ‘grim up north’ that losing yourself in a world of film is a foregone prerequisite. He has been studying the best (and often worst) of both classic and modern cinema at the University of Life for as long as he can remember. Craig’s favorite films include THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, JFK, GOODFELLAS, SCARFACE, and most of John Carpenter’s early work, particularly THE THING and HALLOWEEN.

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