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Catherine O’Hara and Peter Dinklage To Join Palansky’s Rememory

Relative newcomer to directing feature films, Mark Palansky, will again collaborate with the brilliant O’Hara and Dinklage, in the forthcoming feature, REMEMORY. Palansky and Mark Vukadinovich, who co-wrote the upcoming film, PETE AND GOAT, developed the script for REMEMORY with the pair in mind; Palansky, O’Hara and Dinklage originally joined forces for PENELOPE (2006), which divided critics. Trevor Waterson of Palmer Productions is pencilled in to produce, with the process scheduled to begin in May, in Toronto.

The plot sees Carolyn (O’Hara) dealing with the mysterious circumstances surrounding her husband’s death, with the help of her compadre (Dinklage). The pair utilise her husband’s groundbreaking invention – a device which records and plays back memories – in order to shine a light on the events that led to his demise.

O’Hara has gifted us her comedy stylings in many classic films over the years, including, BEETLEJUICE (1988), HOME ALONE (1990), THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (1993), and A MIGHTY WIND (2003), while Dinklage has recently acquired the admiration of critics and fans alike for his betrayal of the studious and determined, Tyrion Lannister, in HBO’s GAME OF THRONES.

Source: Deadline

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