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A First Look At Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Looper

Two images have surfaced of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in is role for upcoming action sci-fi, LOOPER.

This time travel film is set at a point where, although possible, time travel is illegal and only operates on a underground basis. Its black market status has made it popular with mobs who use it to trap their targets by having a hit man – aka a ‘looper’ – such as Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) waiting for them. Joe’s killer status is earning him a lot of money but tables quickly turn when he discovers that he has become a target when the mob he’s working for send his future self (Bruce Willis) to be killed, therefore closing the loop.

Directed by Rian Johnson LOOPER also stars Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Pipa Perabo, Jeff Daniels and Noah Segan.

Joseph Gordon Levitt In Looper

Joseph Gordon Levitt In Looper

Source: Worst Previews

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