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Clooney’s WWE Diva Fever

Now, we here at THN pride ourselves on proper movie news and not mindless celebrity tittle tattle (hehe, tit). But as a long term wrestling fan, I couldn’t let this story go unreported.

According to that zoetrope of truth The Daily Mail, one man handsome bag George Clooney (GOODNIGHT AND GOOD LUCK, BATMAN & ROBIN) has a new squeeze. But not just any generic model, no sir. Wrestling fans (you know who you are) will recognise her as former WWE diva, Stacey Kiebler.

Ahh yes, with legs longer than Mel Gibson’s enemies list, she was, and is, utterly stunning. And better yet, she had a reputation for being one of the nicest people in the company. As one of the only people alive who can match the hotness of The Cloonmeister, it was clearly meant to be.

That… is a lie. At least according to WRESTLEHEAT.COM who claim that as quickly as the they got together, the pair have already parted ways. This whole affair, of course, is all tabloid speculation. But single guys and gals the world over will be happy to hear that they’re both single again. And we assure you that we did not include this article solely for pictures of Ms. Kiebler. No sir. No sirree. No sirreeeee bob.

John is a gentleman, a scholar, he’s an acrobat. He is one half of the comedy duo Good Ol’ JR, and considers himself a comedy writer/performer. This view has been questioned by others. He graduated with First Class Honours in Media Arts/Film & TV, a fact he will remain smug about long after everyone has stopped caring. He enjoys movies, theatre, live comedy and writing with the JR member and hetero life partner Ryan. Some of their sketches can be seen on YouTube and YOU can take their total hits to way over 17!

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