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Bryan Cranston to join World War Z

It seems that Bryan Cranston is finally getting the recognition he deserves. After years of understated performances in the likes of MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE, Cranston has come to the forefront with his amazing turn in BREAKING BAD. Consequently, the veteran actor has bagged a number of film roles, such as the villainous Cohaagen in the upcoming TOTAL RECALL remake. And, as reported by THR, Cranston will apparently join Marc Forster’s WORLD WAR Z.

The film – based on the Max Brooks novel – follows a UN agent who conducts a series of interviews after a worldwide zombie outbreak. Cranston will apparently take a small but integral role opposite star Brad Pitt.

Bryan Cranston will also appear in Steven Soderbergh’s CONTAGION and George Lucas’ RED TAILS. WORLD WAR Z is currently under production.

Tom Fordy is a writer and journalist. Originally from Bristol, he now lives in London. He is a former editor of The Hollywood News and Loaded magazine. He also contributes regularly to The Telegraph, Esquire Weekly and numerous others. Follow him @thetomfordy.

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