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Rachel Weisz digs Robert Pattinson

Rachel Weisz likes Robert Pattinson because he has a “rebel vibe”.

Pic: Rachel Weisz.

Pic: Rachel Weisz.

The Oscar-winning actress – who will star alongside the ‘Twilight’ actor in the new independent film ‘Unbound Captives’ – said she knew virtually nothing about him but liked working alongside talented people “whatever their age”.

She said: “Meeting him was vampiric. He sucked my blood. Wait, is he the vampire? He is the vampire, right? I like to work with all kinds of talented people, whatever the age.”

The 39-year-old British actress said she was eager to work with the heartthrob because when she first met him she felt he had a rebelliousness to his character, which was very attractive.

She said: “He wasn’t star-struck. He’s got a whole rebel vibe, right? Yeah, that was his vibe. He’s kind of iconoclastic. He’s flaunting authority. Yeah, pretty cool.”

Rachel said she was attracted to the film because she’d be starring alongside Robert, as well as Hugh Jackman.

She told MTV Movies: “It’s a great screenplay, and Robert and Hugh are both great actors. It’s an independent movie, and they are raising the money, so hopefully it’ll happen.”

Robert recently spoke about how he was looking forward to playing a character who “can’t really be more different from Edward,” the vampire he plays in ‘Twilight’.

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