Brands and celebrities – name a better combination, I’ll wait. With all eyes on Hollywood all the time, it’s no surprise that brands and companies are keen to cash in on all of the attention being directed at stars and starlets as they navigate the crazy world of show business. It’s a top-money affair which has created many harmonious celebrity-brand relationships. Below we’ll take at some of the most famous.

Kylie Jenner and Adidas

Following her infamous Pepsi commercial, Kylie Jenner joined Adidas as their latest brand ambassador. It comes just ahead of the launch of the Falcon model, a strong nod to the 1997 Falcon Dorf. After Kendal Jenner and Kanye West, this marks the German sportswear brand’s third collaboration with the Jenner and Kardashian dynasty.

Jennfier Aniston and Emirates

Everyone’s favorite Friend, Jennifer Aniston’s role isn’t simply limited rom-coms and sitcoms. From 2015 onwards, Aniston signed a deal with Emirates, one of the world’s largest international airlines, for an eye-watering $5 million and has since starred in two high profile adverts for the company.

Justin Timberlake and McDonald’s

While you couldn’t tell by looking at him, Justin Timberlake is apparently a fan of fast food. Actor, singer and all-round pretty boy, signed a deal with McDonalds to sing a jingle for them back in 2003. The deal was reportedly worth a whopping $6 million dollars. Timberlake? Fast food? I’m lovin’ it.

Brad Pitt and Chanel

As one of the most widely known perfumes in the world, it’s no wonder that Chanel chose to partner with Brad Pitt when it came to choosing a male representative of the famously female fragrance, No.5. As Chanel puts it, “No. 5 is the most iconic fragrance of our time, and Brad Pitt is the most iconic actor of our time. Women in every culture love No 5. No matter where you are, No. 5 is there.”

Serena Williams and Audemars Piguet

Ordinarily Tennis stars perhaps wouldn’t make this list, but given Serena William’s presence on the world stage, her extraordinary skill as well as the recent controversy she has been embroiled in, makes her well worth a mention. With over 23 Grand Slam singles titles under her belt, Serena Williams was chosen by the luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet as an ambassador for their timepieces. It’s a definite win for Piguet, whose brand, already associated with opulence, has been further elevated when being represented by such stellar work ethic and sportsmanship on the part of Williams. The watches, which even on secondhand marketplaces like this can fetch prices upwards of $11,000, welcomed not only the prestige that Williams carries with her and bestows on their brand, but also the advertising that goes hand in hand with it.