Michael Rooker Appearing At Walker Stalker London

In what was easily one of the most insane panels of Walker Stalker London, Michael Rooker took to the stage. Well, that’s where he started at least. It wasn’t long before he leapt from it into the masses where he took fans questions directly from the floor itself. Armed with a bag of chocolate pretzels he answered a boat-load of audience questions, here are the highlights:

On Yondu missing out on Avenger’s Infinity Wars

In Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 the Marvel Cinematic Universe lost one if its brightest stars; Yondu. Who knew audiences would take so well to a thuggish blue space pirate? His departure during GotG2 means of course that sadly Yondu fell at the final hurdle and will not be a part of the incoming Avengers: Infinity Wars. Rooker though isn’t upset and here’s why;

Yondu was never in the wars, the upcoming wars. You know what’s going to happen right? There’s going this big giant war and Thanos is going to kick some ass because he’s got this glove with these crazy jewels in this glove that gives him massive power over life and death and time and all that kind of stuff. He’s a bad bad-ass. Yondu was never there in the comics. But if I was there I could beat him.”

He will be back to do more Black Ops

I’m gonna do more Black Ops. I love those guys, we work well together. There was a strike. The unions put on this strike earlier this year in regards to the gaming industry and just about that time Treyarch – the black ops guys – called me to do a big role in Black Ops 3 and guess what happened. I couldn’t. So they hired someone else who wasn’t part of the strike. So they got the game done but unfortunately I’m not a part of that one though. I will do more for sure at some point in the future.”

Michael Rooker Appearing At Walker Stalker London

He fell asleep during that Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 funeral scene

I thought it was very relaxing. We did the scene several times and after every cut I would wake up, they’d start rolling the cameras again and I’d just go straight back to sleep. It was a very relaxing scene. Chris Pratt had his really long drawn out monologue and it was beautiful and he never broke whatsoever in the midst of (makes snoring noises). Honestly James Gunn worked us like dogs! He worked us so hard. Whenever we got time to lay down and relax we just fell asleep.

He’s not happy with Emily Blunt’s Mary Poppins

I did see the trailer for the new Mary Poppins? Did you see how Mary Poppins entered? She totally stole my Yondu’s entrance! I can’t believe that woman! Even her feet were like my feet! Unbelievable. I can’t wait to see the new Mary Poppins.

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