British film company Hereford Films have released the title theme song from their release We Still Steal The Old Way. The film was released to the home video and download markets earlier this year where the song, performed by alternative rock band The Love Letters, was heard over the closing credits.

A video accompanies the track, which was put together by LA-based editor Richard John Taylor. The music video, which is available on the Hereford Films YouTube channel, combines guns, gangsters and sharp suits in elegant black and white to take audiences on a noirish journey through the movie from beginning to end.

Hereford Films’ CEO Jonathan Sothcott said, “One of my favourite elements of We Still Steal the Old Way was the Bond-style theme song by my friend Tamar Higgs of The Love Letters. It has such a cool retro vibe to it, and I really thought it was buried at the end of the movie when it should have been in the opening credits over the cool Maurice Binder-style titles”.

In We Still Steal The Old Way, the explosive sequel to We Still Kill The Old Way, the Archer Gang – an ageing criminal outfit regarded as the best in the business – carry out a daring robbery but are caught mid-heist and sentenced to hard time in Britain’s toughest prison. Once behind bars, they encounter their old nemesis Slick Vic Farrow, who is intent on settling a score and getting rid of the gang for good. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, the old school villains must use all their wits to escape not only the prison, but Slick Vic’s violent clutches, setting in motion an unpredictable chain of events that lead to a wild and volatile finale.

The single ‘We Still Steal the Old Way’ by The Love Letters is available now on iTunes and Spotify.

We Still Steal the Old Way is available now on DVD, Blu-ray and digital platforms. Watch the new music video below.