Michael Fassbender 2

One of the busiest and most in-demand actors of the moment, Michael Fassbender, has signed up for yet another movie, TRESPASS AGAINST US. The film which will start shooting this summer in the UK will be the first feature film directed by Doctor Who’s Adam Smith. Whovian’s will know that Smith topped a Doctor Who magazine poll for his work on episodes The Eleventh Hour, Flesh and Stone and Time of Angels.

The story has been written by Alastair Siddons (who himself is fairly new to the scene), but is being produced by Gail Egan and Andrea Calderwood whose hits include both THE CONSTANT GARDENER and THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND. The plot follows three generations of Irish outlaw family, the Cutler’s. They spend their time ram-raiding stately homes and taunting the police. In TRESPASS AGAINST US Fassbender will play Chad Cutler, who becomes conflicted when the law finally start to close in on the family; does he uphold his father’s anarchic tradition or go down a more peaceful route for the sake of his children?

The addition of Fassbender sees the project gain yet another strong British actor with Rory Kinnear, Brendon Gleeson and BAFTA winning Sean Harris already attached.

The film will also feature a score by band The Chemical Brothers, a band for whom director Smith made documentary The Chemical Brothers: Don’t Think.

If you need your Fassbender fix sooner than this film’s as of yet unconfirmed release then don’t forget X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is still showing at cinemas everywhere.

Source: Screen Daily