Saoirse Ronan Set For ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’?

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After turning down such a plum role as Scarlet Witch in Joss Whedon’s AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (which ultimately went to Elizabeth Olsen), we wondered what could have been the cause for Irish actress Saoirse Ronan? Well, we may have the answer as the reputable folks at Latino Review believe THE LOVELY BONES actress has read for a role and is expected to feature in Disney and Lucasfilm’s STAR WARS: EPISODE VII. There is no word on specific details on the role but could it be possible that she’s set to play the much-mooted daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia or even that rumoured female villain?

The reliable site also claim the recent denial from Disney and Benedict Cumberbatch regarding his inclusion as a Sith Lord is just a smokescreen in the same way Paramount Pictures and the actor brushed off Khan during the making of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. He’s apparently nailed on to appear in a small role initially, before coming to the fore in later Episodes VII and IX as the chief villain of the new trilogy.

It’s also been revealed part of the film will be shot in New Mexico and Los Angeles, while the majority will still be filmed on London’s Pinewood Studios.

Shooting on STAR WARS: EPISODE VII is expected to begin in January for a release in 2015. J.J. Abrams directs from a script by Michael Arndt. Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are expected to reprise their iconic roles from George Lucas’ original trio.

Source: LatinoReview

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    September 19, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    Bullshit. Stop posting link baiting shit from that site, are you that desperate for hits? The only thing reliable about Latino Review is the fact that 90% of their scoops are plain wrong.

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