chris pratt in moneyball

He’s currently seen blowing holes through the worlds most wanted terrorist, but Chris Pratt is about to become a household name after landing the lead role of Peter Quill, aka Star Lord in Marvel’s ‘Phase II’ comic-book adventure, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. The actor, who has impressed with roles in WANTED, MONEYBALL and of course Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar-nominated war drama, beat off stiff competition which included his ZERO DARK THIRTY co-star Joel Edgerton, Jim Sturgess and Zachary Levi.

Star-Lord is a half human/half alien machine-gun toting vigilante, who became an interplanetary policeman by an act of deception. Although he originally volunteered for the part, a NASA colleague of his was chosen instead of him. However, Quill was able to take to his place.

Now that casting is beginning to come together, expect pivotal roles of Drax The Destroyer, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon and Groot to follow soon. Some of which are expected to be motion-captured and/or computer generated.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will be written and directed by SUPER and SLITHER’s James Gunn and is set for cinemas on the 1st August 2014.

Source: Deadline

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