In this run up to Jose Pahilha’s ROBOCOP remake, THN has voiced its concerns whether the film has it’s work cut out to even matching Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 bloody and brilliant futuristic classic. Joel Kinnaman is already confirmed for the lead of Alex Murphy, the OCP officer turned Detroit droid. Plus, don’t forget the ever-brilliant Gary Oldman is taking on the role of his creator. We also believe (or hope!) that Samuel L. Jackson is in talks for a role previously rumoured for Sean Penn.

Now, we have news that Aussie stunner Abbie Cornish is in talks for the role of Murphy’s widow Ellen, who is expected to play a more pivotal role in this latest reboot.

Cornish made her name with impressive turns in indie hits SOMERSAULT and CANDY, but was more recently seen in the likes of LIMITLESS and Zack Snyder’s visually-stunning but incoherently dire SUCKER PUNCH. She will also appear in Martin McDonaugh’s much anticipated all-star comedy SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS, due November.

ROBOCOP is out in 2013 and currently set to open on August 9th.

Source: Deadline