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A trailer for British comedy ‘The Beautiful Game’ with Bill Nighy

Netflix has unveiled a trailer for The Beautiful Game, a new movie set for the streaming service soon. The film stars Bill Nighy and is directed by Thea Sharrock, who helmed this past month’s Wicked Little Letters.

The Beautiful Game also stars Micheal Ward, Susan Wokoma, Callum Scott Howells, Kit Young, Sheyi Cole, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Robin Nazari, Aoi Okuyama, Tadashi Watanabe, Cristina Rodlo, Kazuhiro Muroyama, Valeria Golino. The film releases on Netflix on 29th March.

Here’s what it is all about:

In “The Beautiful Game,” Mal, the manager of England’s homeless soccer team, leads them to the Homeless World Cup in Rome. He takes a gamble by adding talented but troubled striker Vinny, who must overcome his past to become a team player. Inspired by the real Homeless World Cup, this is a story of second chances, where homeless individuals from across the globe find hope and competition on the field.

Watch the trailer below.


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