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Trailer: Clara and Ewan McGregor-led ‘Bleeding Love’ film

A trailer has been released for Bleeding Love, a new film with Ewan McGregor and Clara McGregor leading the cast. The feature is currently set to arrive on UK screens this March through Icon.

Bleeding Love hits screens in the UK on 29th March. The story ius as follows:

In hopes of reconnecting with his estranged child, a father (Golden Globe®-Winner Ewan McGregor) embarks on an impromptu road trip with his now-adult daughter (Clara McGregor) after she has a near-fatal drug overdose. He is planning to take her to rehab – though she doesn’t know that. En route to their destination of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and encountering an eccentric array of characters along the way, the two are forced to confront the issues of their past, the trip proving less about the road that they’re on, and more about the troubled one from their past.

Speaking about Bleeding Love director, Emma Westenberg said: “It was incredible to work with real life father-daughter duo Clara and Ewan McGregor on a story so personal to everyone involved. Their acting talents and real-life bonds combined to make them burst off the screen. I am grateful for the support of all the producers and crew on the project.” “I felt a deep emotional connection to this story because substance abuse touches so many families, including my own, so when Vera Bulder and Clara McGregor approached me to direct I connected to the story immediately.”

Here’s the new trailer for the film.


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