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Trailer for documentary ‘Madu’ – coming to Disney+ in March

by Paul Heath

Check out this new trailer for the Disney+ bound project Madu. The film has had some recognition after being selected to play at next week’s Santa Barbara Film Festiva. It lands on the streamer in March. Matt Ogens and Kachi Benson direct.

The film comes following the posting of a viral, 44-second video that was released online in 2020 and received over 16 million views. The clip led to the film’s subjects Nigerian-born Madu attending the prestigious, 100-year-old Elmhurst Ballet School in Birmingham.

Here’s the synopsis.

Madu follows 12-year-old Anthony Madu as he leaves his family and community in Nigeria to study at one of the most prestigious ballet schools in the world in England. Having never left his home outside of Lagos, Anthony finds himself thrust into a new world where his wildest dreams are suddenly within reach. His courageous journey is a story of extraordinary obstacles as he searches for belonging and acceptance, a family far away, and unexpected challenges that could impact his future. Forming a rich and immersive tapestry told on multiple continents, MADU introduces the world to a boy chasing a dream of inspiration that will resonate with us all.

This looks fantastic. Check out the trailer below.

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