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Interview: ‘The Witcher’ star Freya Allan discusses new horror ‘Baghead’

by Kat Hughes

Freya Allan is best known to audiences around the world for her excellent work in the Netflix show, The Witcher. Allan originally joined the show to play a character with a short stint. However, she was quickly asked to return, this time with the elevated position of co-lead as she took on the role of Ciri. Her performance has caught the attention of Hollywood and, later this year, the star will lead Wes Ball’s Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, which is set a number of years after Matt Reeves’ most recent Apes trilogy. Before then though, Allan stays closer to home as she leads the new independent horror film, Baghead. 

In Baghead, Allan plays Iris, a young woman who, after her father dies, finds herself in possession of a pub. Having not known her father, Iris has no emotional ties to the property and plans to sell it and use the money to fund her future. However, the property comes with an unexpected tenant in the basement – Baghead (Anne Müller). Baghead is a curious creature that has the ability to enable people to talk to their deceased loved ones for a brief amount of time. Intrigued by her new position of power, and feeling sorry for a bereaved husband, Neil (Jeremy Irvine), Iris finds herself fighting for control. Can Iris survive this deadly curse when her own father failed?

Baghead is a classic chiller full of jump scares and things going bump in the night. The film also explores the ever popular concept of the afterlife and the processing of grief. Out in cinemas now, ahead of the release, THN spoke with Freya. During our interview we discussed what drew her to the story, and how her first foray into horror helped prepare her for Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.  

Baghead is out in cinemas across the UK now.

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