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First look teaser for ‘The G’ which gets its world premiere at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

by Paul Heath

Check out this first look at the upcoming film The G, a feature which has just been announced as having its world premiere at this year’s Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in November. No word on release dates for this as yet but the film has just been acquired in Canada by levelFILM there. The G trailer can be seen below.

The G comes to the screen by writer/director Karl R. Hearne and 3Buck Productions. Here is some more info.

Ann Hunter (aka “The G”, played by Dale Dickey) and her husband retired to an unnamed American suburb 10 years ago to be near his family. But one day out of the blue they are snatched from their home by a corrupt legal guardian who believes they have hidden wealth. Their home and assets are legally stripped from them and they are put in a prison-like “eldercare facility,” victims of an exploding old age industry. Trapped in a corrupt and terrifying system, THE G begins to show her true mettle as she and her loyal granddaughter fight to get them out… and get revenge on the people who did this.

In a press release, writer/director Karl R. Hearne says, “This film is a “winter-noir” based on real-world elder scams, and inspired by my own grandmother’s story and character. It’s about a woman who- regardless of her age or situation- refuses to accept that her life is over. In a world where the elderly are frequently marginalised, neglected or abused, I think of this film as a revenge story against old age itself… old age being a condition that my grandmother once said she “would not tolerate.”

We’ll be in Tallinn this year so look forward to checking it out.

The world premiere will take place at the festival from 11th November.

Here’s just-released The G teaser trailer which, while short, gives you a flavour of what its all about.

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