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Trailer for horror ‘Minore’ – a film set to get a European premiere at this month’s FrightFest

Check out this new trailer for upcoming creature feature Minore, a film that will have a European premiere at this month’s big genre festival FrightFest in London. The movie, which hails from Greece, is directed by Konstantinos Koutsoliotas and stars Davide Tucci, Efi Papatheodorou, Daphne Alexander, and Apolon Bollas. This looks like a lot of fun.

The synopsis is as follows:

A Greek seaside port is invaded by mysterious tentacled creatures from the ocean floor. It’s up to a small gang of misfits made up of musicians, a sailor, a bodybuilder, and one granny to save the city from this Lovecraftian terror from the deep.

Minore will debut at the FrightFest event next Saturday.

Here’s the trailer which has come from the Rue Morgue YouTube channel.


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