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Road to FrightFest Interview: Ted Raimi discusses one-take genre movie ‘Failure!’ [FrightFest 2023]

Ted Raimi is an actor who needs no introduction for those who are fans of horror films. Over his long career Raimi has accrued a bounty of stellar credentials including Candyman, The Grudge, and The Evil Dead. He has also become a staple character actor in his older brother Sam Raimi’s movies, which has earned him the accolade of one of the best ‘that guys’ out there. Now he brings his latest film, Failure! to Pigeon Shrine FrightFest.

Although screening at FrightFest, Failure! is a very different project from many of the others being shown. Written and directed by Alex Kahuam, Failure! is not a slasher, zombie movie, or gore fest. Instead it is a stress-inducing drama that focuses on Raimi’s James, a businessman on the brink of losing it all. His desperation leads him to extreme lengths as he does everything he can to save both his livelihood and family. What makes Failure! especially exciting is that it was filmed in one take. 

Whilst the logistics of creating a one-take film are mind-bending from a technical viewpoint, it also places a lot of pressure on the actors. The whole crew is counting on you to hit the right marks at the right time and get all your lines correct the first time. In many ways, it is the closest that films come to theatre for a performer. Only the bravest of actors agree to such an intense amount of work and pressure, but Raimi clearly relished the challenge. 

Ahead of Failure!’s world premiere at FrightFest THN, were lucky enough to speak with Ted*. Our talk discussed the challenge and reward of a one-take movie, why horror is so important to him, and exactly why you need to add Failure! to your FrightFest viewing schedule. 

Listen to the interview below.

Failure! screens at Pigeon Shrine FrightFest on Saturday 26th August 2023. Tickets are still available here. 

*Ted’s promotional appearance is possible because of the non-studio and non-streaming provision for feature films as outlined by SAG.

Kat Hughes is a UK born film critic and interviewer who has a passion for horror films. An editor for THN, Kat is also a Rotten Tomatoes Approved Critic. She has bylines with Ghouls Magazine, Arrow Video, Film Stories, Certified Forgotten and FILMHOUNDS and has had essays published in home entertainment releases by Vinegar Syndrome and Second Sight. When not writing about horror, Kat hosts micro podcast Movies with Mummy along with her five-year-old daughter.


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