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TV shows set around gambling

Let’s face it, gambling can be exciting. The rush of adrenaline that comes with placing a bet and potentially winning a big prize is something many people enjoy.

Indeed, the industry has been able to enjoy a significant rise in popularity because of the excitement and enjoyment players who participate in gambling are afforded. For instance, many who play roulette online for real money at Joe Fortune find that they continue to be able to get all the thrills and the buzz that gambling can provide. However, there have been TV shows that have also helped to boost the popularity of this pastime further and attract punters that may not initially have been excited about it.

This enthusiasm has been captured in popular television shows like Breaking Vegas, Las Vegas, and Sneaky Pete. Whether you are looking for an intense crime drama or a light-hearted comedy, there are plenty of television shows set around gambling to choose from. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best TV shows set around gambling.

Peaky Blinders

This British crime drama follows the story of the Shelby family and their criminal activities during the early 20th century in Birmingham, England. Although Peaky Blinders primarily focuses on gang wars and organized crime, there are several scenes throughout the series involving gambling and casinos. From illegal backroom poker games to high-stakes horse racing bets, Peaky Blinders captures the thrill of gambling without glorifying it.

Breaking Vegas

This 2004 History Channel documentary series chronicles some of the most famous casino cheaters in history, including Tommy Glenn Carmichael and Richard Marcus. Through unique interviews and reenactments of events, viewers get a behind-the-scenes look at how these clever criminals managed to pull off their high stakes heists without getting caught by casino security teams. It is an intriguing watch for anyone who has ever wondered what goes on in a casino after hours.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is all about the story of ex-CIA operative Josh Duhamel, as he narrates the story of how he was trying to work in his role as the head of casino security by trying to exert his authority over those that were trying to cheat their way through the games that they were playing. This TV series was always ranked as one of the best as it gave everyone a realistic view of the casino environment and provided us with interesting stories!

Sneaky Pete

This Amazon Prime original series stars Giovanni Ribisi as Marius Josipovic (aka “Sneaky Pete”), who assumes his cellmate’s identity after being released from prison only to find himself tangled up in even more trouble than before when he finds out his new alias has some deep connections to organized crime figures in his hometown. Along with thrilling suspenseful moments, Sneaky Pete also features plenty of interesting scenes involving gambling as Marius tries to use his expertise at cards to make some much needed cash on the side!


Starring Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte as two former friends who reconnect over their love for horse racing and shared pasts filled with luck both good and bad — Luck details both sides of fortune through its characters’ experiences at racetracks across California as well as their own personal lives outside them. From betting strategies to inside tips on which horses have potential winning streaks—there is no shortage of insight into all aspects involved with betting on horse races!

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

This British crime drama follows the story of Detective Harry Clayton (played by James Nesbitt), who is cursed with incredible luck after being exposed to a mysterious bracelet. The show features plenty of tense moments as Harry uses his newfound powers to try and beat ruthless criminals at their own game in the thrilling world of underground gambling clubs.


If you are looking for entertainment that combines suspenseful storylines with your favorite pastime, gambling, then these six TV shows should help satisfy your craving for home entertainment excitement! From gritty crime dramas like Peaky Blinders and Sneaky Pete to shows such as Las Vegas, each show offers something different but equally enjoyable when it comes to exploring stories revolving around wagers and wins (and sometimes losses).


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