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Why fish fingers are sexy: Meg Leonard and Nick Moorcroft on ‘Fisherman’s Friends: One and All’

The self-styled “buoy band” is back in town! The Fisherman’s Friends, who shot to popularity with their sea shanties in 2010 and were the subject of 2019’s feel-good film of the same name, return to cinema screens this week with a sequel.

‘Fisherman’s Friends: One And All’  takes place a year after their surprise success. This time round they’re trying to persuade their record company to back their second album, but find themselves facing the pressures, temptations and challenges that go with fame, together with some personal issues. Together, as a band and as an important part of their small community, they navigate a way through, one that sees them performing at perhaps the most famous music festival in the world. 

In this exclusive interview, the film’s director/writers Meg Leonard and Nick Moorcroft talk about their approach to their dual roles and how they built up a mutual trust with the cast from the first film. They also explain how they balanced the film’s uplifting spirit with more serious issues and why it was so important to them that it received a release in cinemas. They have no doubt at all that fish fingers are sexy – and recommend the best fish finger baguette in Cornwall. It’s in Port Isaac, of course! 

‘Fisherman’s Friends: One And All’ is released in cinemas on 19 August 2022.


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