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How Your Phone Can Keep You Up-to-Date With Your Favourite TV Shows

by Tom Walsh

When you’ve got your own life and schedule to deal with, keeping up with any given TV show can be difficult. This problem can obviously be exacerbated if there are multiple TV shows that you’re interested in, but are struggling to find the time to watch them all. By the time you finish work, come home and make food for the night, you only have so much time to do everything that you want, but that might not be the only time you have.

Thanks to your trusty smartphone, you might be able to find more time to engage with the characters who you enjoy watching so much – you just need to figure out where to get started.

Watching Them on the Move

When it comes to actually watching the shows, which might be the part that you’re most interested in, all you need is to be able to download your streaming service app of choice, the relevant episodes of whichever show is available on said services that you want to watch, and time to view them. Something such as a commute or a similar journey might be the perfect time for this, especially as it provides you with a time that you want to see passed anyway.

Your phone is incredibly versatile in this way, and you can fill up these travel times with a multitude of convenient activities such as this, even including visiting a Canada online casino if you so desire. However, if you do plan on using your phone this much on one journey, it might be worth bringing a charger.

The Deep Dive

It might be that you consider yourself someone who isn’t just entertained by the various TV shows that you engage with, but someone who is actively passionate about them and the process that goes on behind their creation. If this is the case, then simply watching them might not be enough to get all that you want out of them. Through your smartphone, you can search online for behind-the-scenes information that can scratch this itch, such as information about the cast and crew, interviews that shed light on the creative process, and news about upcoming seasons or spin-offs.

If these topics are appealing to you, sources such as IMDb and Wikipedia might be the best places to get started.

The World of TV-Related Podcasts

Through streaming services with which you’d normally listen to music, such as Spotify, you can also look into various podcasts that might feature people in or outside of the industry, talking about TV shows or even interviewing the stars from those shows themselves. It depends what aspect of the TV landscape you find most interesting, but regardless of what your answer ends up being, there is likely a podcast for you that can enlighten you on the areas that you are most curious about.

Some examples of these kinds of podcasts could include what Conan O’Brien has to offer, as he talks to various people he met through his time as a talk show host. 

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