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Best Movies to Watch in 2022

by Tom Walsh

After getting citizenship in the US with the help of immigration lawyers at Total Law, you may now be wondering how you can best maximize your free time in your new home. Of course, what better way than binge-watching some of the most anticipated and best movies you can watch in 2022?

With plenty of great films to choose from, finding a movie that suits your taste and preference may be challenging. Nonetheless, rest assured that there’s a whole bunch of movies out there that’s coming soon along with a wide variety of genres when it comes to classics, comedies, action, horror, or romance. 

Instead of wasting your time scrolling through these categories and picking a great film you can watch, we’ve curated a list of the best movies you can watch this year to make it easier for you. Feel free to watch anything that piques your interest!

1, Don’t Look Up 

The Director of this film, Adam McKay, presents the pressing issue of climate change to his audience in a rather satirical and furious comedic way. Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio take the role of astronomers who realize the impending doom of Earth caused by a potential comet collision and thereby decide to go on an extensive media tour to warn all of humanity. 

Despite their efforts, their warnings are merely met with disapproval, hysteria, indifference, and even hostility by the public, the media, and the government. Everyone only seems to be talking about the majority that disagrees with them instead of actively doing something to prevent the comet from crashing. While subtle, Adam McKay’s movies are propelled by the momentum of its pressing and emotion-driven political undertones and agendas. 

2. Tick, tick… BOOM! 

Lin Manuel Miranda has cemented his name with musicals, and now, he’s off making his directorial debut with this masterpiece. This movie is a film adaptation of Rent creator Jonathan Larson’s partly autobiographical musical. Here, Andrew Garfield plays as a struggling playwright who’s filled with anxiety about how his time is running out and how he hasn’t been able to accomplish enough by his 30th birthday. This movie has already racked up good reviews, with Garfield and Vanessa Hudgens being a stand-out in the film. 

3. Prisoners

This Alexandre Moratto-directed movie provides an authentic and eye-opening movie experience that discusses the exploitation of young women and men looking for work in South America. Rodrigo Santoro plays as a salvage yard owner who often enslaves the youngsters from rural Brazil who initially think they are getting employed in the city. But beyond that, this movie’s strong point is how it presents the happenings from the lens of one of the youngsters who end up having to work with the owner to guarantee his survival at the expense of others. While heavy, Moratto manages to keep the film true to its core: impactful and raw at every frame. 

4. Found

This documentary features three Chinese high schoolers who are adopted and looking into their roots. Many have deemed this film tear-jerking, to the extent that if you haven’t shed a tear once in this movie, then you’re basically a robot. What makes the movie, so excellent and well-made is because it looks at the concept of adoption at almost every possible angle, with the girls searching for answers and uncovering their cultural roots, and their adoptive families also helping them in turn. It also presents the situation through the lens of Chinese families who were merely forced to give up their children under China’s one-child policy, as well as the investigator who helps our protagonists ultimately find their birth parents. 

5. The Tinder Swindler 

This frightening thriller documentary tells the story of a con man who used Tinder to swindle unknowing ladies into giving him their credit cards. The very act of the man taking out loans to funnel cash will absolutely make you want to give this jerk a piece of his mind. By being able to embody a front of class and extravagance that is mainly paid by his current target, this con man will try wooing women that he met on the dating up and then set them up to be his next cash cow before disappearing into the vast space of the Internet and tropical destinations where he wasted their money to his heart’s content. While it’s not an exceptionally well-made or impactful documentary, it nonetheless hooks you in because of how true it is, and how the victims are treated with the compassion they deserve. 

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