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The Best Baseball Films of All Time

by Tom Walsh

For fans of sports, there can often be the need to watch more, especially out of the season or when games are not available to you. This is where films can play a great part, allowing you to watch something focused on your favorite sport, but be something you can watch anytime. 

As fans will know, there are blackout restrictions associated with some games, meaning you can only watch those from outside of your area, or on TV if you have a subscription to the channel.

This is where you can turn to film instead, and enjoy these alongside watching the biggest live games, featuring teams who may go all the way and win the World Series. For example, the Blue Crew fans don’t always need to watch Bluetopia: The LA Dodgers Movie to relive the highlights, especially when the games are in season. As of September 7, the MLB odds on bet365 show that the LA Dodgers are +300 favorites to win the World Series, which will take place at the end of October. In 2020, the LA Dodgers won the World Series – we can only question when the inevitable film of this journey will be made.

In the meantime, let’s turn to some of the best baseball films out there.

#3 – Bull Durham

This film follows the time of veteran catcher Crash Davis. He is brought in to help a young pitcher in the minor leagues. This pair play for the Durham Bulls, who the film is named after, and builds up quite a relationship throughout the film. 

Although only third on our list, this film has received big acclaim in the past and being described as one of the greatest sports movies of all time by some. Film star Kevin Costner plays a lead role in the film.

#2 – The Natural

In The Natural, we follow the path of Roy Hobbs, who is played by actor Robert Redford. The story of the film tells us that Hobbs no longer has a father after he suffered a heart attack and died. 

Later, we see him take a piece of wood from a tree that was struck by lightning. This is then shaped into a baseball bat, which Hobbs begins to use as he plays and he names the bat ‘Wonderboy’. As the film unfolds, we see the star playing with this bat in a game that is down to the 9th innings. Will the bat come good? You’ll have to watch the film if you want to find that out!

#1 – Major League

If you only watch one baseball movie in your life, make sure you choose to watch Major League. Charlie Sheen takes a staring role as Ricky Vaughn, a convict who is asked to try out for the Cleveland Indians. 

He makes the team, and not only that, but other convicts join him along the way, leading to Cleveland having a team full of interesting characters. The film follows their journey as they aim to bring a winning team to Cleveland for their fans to enjoy. 

Whether it’s in or out of season, nothing is stopping you from watching some amazing baseball films.

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