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Road to Grimmfest: Interview with the cast and crew of ’Night at the Eagle Inn’

by Kat Hughes

We are firmly into film festival season at the moment. With TIFF, FrightFest, and Fantasia out of the way it’s time we turned our attention to Grimmfest. About to enter into its thirteenth year, the festival will run from 7th to 10th October 2021 at Manchester’s Odeon Great Northern, with a virtual version following on 14th to 17th October. Over the course of both festivals, Grimmfest will play host to over thirty movies, including several screening for the first time in front of UK audiences. 

One such film to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting attendees is Night at the Eagle Inn, the latest project from writer, actor, and director Erik Bloomquist. Night at the Eagle Inn tells a Twilight Zone worthy story about a pair of fraternal twins, Sarah (Amelia Dudley) and Spencer (Taylor Turner), as they return to their place of birth as part of their ongoing investigation into the disappearance of their father. Once checked into the titular Eagle Inn they hear some strange stories about the venue from the innkeeper and groundsman, then the real fun begins. 

At only seventy minutes long, Night at the Eagle Inn breezes past and is a heady mix of humour and horror. It’s made better still by the sharp dialogue from Erik Bloomquist and his brother Carson Bloomquist, and some fantastic performances from the cast. The group have worked together previously on a show called The Cobblestone Corridor, and their off-screen relationship translates into electric chemistry on screen and ensures a fun time for all that watch. 

Ahead of the screening we sat down with Erik and Carson Bloomquist, Taylor Turner, and Amelia Dudley, to discuss the journey from script to screen.

Night at the Eagle Inn screens at Grimmfest 2021 on 8th October 2021. Tickets for the festival can be purchased here.

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