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Road to FrightFest: Interview with Conor Boru, Ed Hartland & Jared Rogers for ‘When the Screaming Starts’

by Kat Hughes

We are now in the single digit day-countdown to this year’s Arrow Video FrightFest event. After a pandemic mandated year away in 2020, the festival will soon return in physical form to Cineworld Leicester Square where it will run from 26th – 30th August. The five day event will unleash all kinds of ghastly and ghoulish fun, with each film on the line-up embracing the dark heart of cinema. Our fearsome foursome, Greg Day, Alan Jones, Paul McEvoy and Ian Rattray have selected a range of films that are set to delight and disgust attendees as they showcase the best and brightest in genre cinema. 

Always on the lookout for fresh talent, each year the Discovery screen is taken over by the First Blood strand of programming. The films featured have all been made by filmmakers still in the early stages of their career, with the strand offering the audience a chance to get onboard with future superstars early. This year’s line-up offers a diverse range of new talents with the films ranging from social drama with a supernatural bite (Boy #5) to serial killer mockumentary When the Screaming Starts

When the Screaming Starts is directed by Conor Boru and co-written by himself and Ed Hartland (who also stars in the film) and tells a devilishly twisted and entertaining story about aspiring serial killers. Jared Rogers plays documentary filmmaker Norman, a man determined to get inside the mind of a killer. He finds the perfect subject in the form of Aidan (Hartland) a self-confessed serial killer yet to make his first kill. As Norman begins to document Aidan’s life, he finds himself drawn into a dark world, will he make it out unscathed? 

Despite its macabre subject matter, When the Screaming Starts is a ton of fun with a wealth of humour stuffed inside. It offers the FrightFest audience a chance to let off a little steam and enjoy themselves without fearing that their life is in peril. Ahead of the world premiere on Saturday 28th August, we spoke with director Conor Boru, and actors Ed Hartland and Jared Rogers, about humor, serial killers, and bringing a low budget feature to life.

When the Screaming Starts will receive its world premiere at Arrow Video FrightFest on Saturday 28th August 2021. Tickets for the screening can be purchased on the FrightFest website.

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