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Road to FrightFest: Interview with Stephen King Simmons, director of ‘The Parker Sessions’

by Kat Hughes

Horror is soon coming home as Arrow Video FrightFest returns to Cineworld Leicester Square after a Covid-enforced year away. The event, which runs from 26th August – 30th August, will see the cinema screen around sixty feature films, plus many more short films. It’s the go-to festival for those that embrace the dark heart of cinema and across its twenty-two years has amassed a substantial cult following. It’s not just the attendees that adore the festival though, filmmakers see getting their film onto the roster as a top achievement. To make sure that everyone is suitably excited in the lead up to the festival, we at THN are sharing a series of exclusive interviews with some of the filmmakers and stars of this year’s line-up. 

The Parker Sessions will be screened in Discovery Screen Two on Friday 27th August, the first full day of the event. Written and directed by Stephen King Simmons, the film is an intense study into night terrors and the scars of trauma. It stars newcomer Rachell Sean as the titular Parker, and over the course of four acts, explores a series of encounters with her new counselor, Robert (Danny James). What begins well enough slowly descends into Parker’s own version of Hell. 

Based in part on some of Simmons’ own life experience, the film is a tough watch in places, but as with some many films that have that quality, it is also an incredibly important story to experience. With so much of himself poured into The Parker Sessions, we were thrilled to sit down with Stephen to learn more about the project.

The Parker Sessions will receive its UK premiere at Arrow Video FrightFest on Friday 27th August 2021. Tickets for the screening can be purchased on the FrightFest website.

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