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Movies inspired by cannabis culture

by Paul Heath

The cannabis community has created a new wave of movies for their audiences. You will find documentaries, comedy, and even drama films that explore every aspect of the marijuana industry. The culture that surrounds cannabis is changing in society and people’s perspectives are changing with regards to cannabis activism and enthusiasm. The cannabis audience is diverse and so are these movies that provide a glimpse into the ever-changing world of cannabis. The negative stigma that was attached to cannabis is slowly diminishing and people are embracing the herb more, especially for the many medical benefits that it provides. The legalization of cannabis has grown the culture tenfold and people are starting to use the herb more openly and proudly. Here are 5 movies that are inspired by cannabis culture. 

The Big Lebowski 

The Big Lebowski is an incredibly funny movie that is considered a cult classic. This movie stars Jeff Bridges, Julian Moore, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, and John Turturro, and is about two men who mistake Lebowski for another man named Lebowski who happens to be a millionaire. After urinating on his rug and Lebowski trying to get compensated for it, he gets involved in a very intricate kidnapping case. Cannabis culture is represented in this movie by the main character who spends most of his days drinking and smoking joints.

Pineapple Express 

Pineapple Express is a comedy/action movie about a stoner named Dale who enjoys a rare strain of weed and then drops some in a panic after he witnesses a murder. After discovering that the weed that he dropped can be traced back to him, Dale along with his drug dealer go on an adventure with a dangerous drug lord and a corrupt police officer on their case. The film balances well-done action sequences with brilliant comedy and portrayals of cannabis use in a variety of ways, from cross joints to bongs and other items that can be bought at online head shops like Smoke Cartel. The film, cannabis is portrayed as something negative that makes the lead character do something irresponsible and the film echoes issues that concern the legalization of cannabis.  


Superbad is a movie about two high school best friends who are enjoying their last weeks at high school. They get invited to a massive house party and go on a mission to find alcohol for the party and to loosen up two girls who they hope will kick-start their sex lives before they venture off to college. Needless to say, their quest to find alcohol is met with a lot of complications. The comedy stars famous actors Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, and Seth Rogen and it depicts the younger generation enjoying cannabis recreationally by smoking weed to have a great time at their house party. 


The 2009 movie Movie Zombieland is a post-apocalyptic zombie film about survivors of a zombie apocalypse. A nerdy kid makes his way through a zombie apocalypse and meets 3 strangers along his journey and together they go in search of a sanctuary that is free from zombies. The film stars Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone. The film is very cannabis-friendly and fun fact: Actor Woody Harrelson was reportedly arrested for possession of marijuana during the filming of the movie. The lead actors often sparked a blunt in the film. 

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 

The story of Anchorman is as follows: A popular TV anchorman, Ron Burgundy welcomes a new female reporter into a male-dominated industry. At first he is enthusiastic about her joining the team, but soon that enthusiasm dies when she starts to outshine him. Eventually, jealousy starts to brew and a bitter rivalry between the two begins. Unfortunately Burgundy makes a slip on air that completely ruins his career however he soon has an opportunity to redeem himself. The film features Will Ferrel, Paul Rudd and Christina Applegate. This weed feature is loved by stoners even though there is no particular scene in the movie that features marijuana. 

Marijuana is becoming increasingly popular in society and movies are embracing this herb and we are seeing a lot of representation on the big screen. This representation helps break the taboo and normalizes marijuana in society which is important for its development. Stoners want to feel represented instead of being viewed as outcasts in society so the film industry is doing a great job. 

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