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Casino-set dramas that you cannot afford to miss

From Big Deal to Deadwood.

Casinos are places that remain filled with drama, playing games like Joker123. As time goes on, casinos are proving to be more and more popular. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are more and more television shows set in and around the world of gambling. Below is a list containing many must-watch casino-based television dramas.

Big Deal (1984-1986)

Before Ray Brooks played the role of Joe Macer in Eastenders, he starred as gambler Robby Rox in Big Deal. This show, which ran for three seasons, was set in South London and centered on the life of Robby who fancied himself as a big-time gambler and professional player of poker. 

However, the problem with Robby as much of a big shot as he made out to be and he spends most of his his time being stressed over the shortage of money. Big Deal managed to enjoy huge success in the United Kingdom and ran for thirty episodes. Additionally, it drew praise from both the general public and the critics alike.

Las Vegas (2003-2008)

Las Vegas isn’t only the home of gambling and casinos but also the home to this superb American television drama which, quite frankly game to a close too early. It is set in the fictitious Montecito casino in Vegas and follows a surveillance team who monitors every activity that goes on in with the resort’s four walls. Las Vegas captures the glamor and glitz magnificently besides showing the pessimistic side of town also. 

This show ran for five seasons and game to an end in 2008. The impressive ranking of 7.5 out of 10 on the IMDB proves that it has remained popular since its debut all those years ago. 

Deadwood (2004-2006)

Keith Carradine, Gale Harold, and Robin Weigard starred in this blockbuster series that is as hugely popualr today as it was on its debut sixteen years ago. Deadwood is set in a rundown bar and brothel, and the show sometimes focuses on the not-so-glamorous side of casinos and betting. 

In 3 seasons, David Milch, the creator created excellent storylines in a wonderful setting that reminiscences over the great westerns. The property made its way back to screens last year in a television movie which aired on HBO in the US.

The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

When people hunt for a typical gambling film then their search ends usually ends with The Cincinnati Kid. This movie, released all of the way back in 1965, stars Steve McQueen as a Eric “The Kid” Stoner, who attempts to make his mark in the world of gambling at the time of the Great Depression.

The remarkable thing about The Cincinnati Kid, a film that was shot nearly 55 years ago, is it has got everything that a person could want from a dramatic poker film; betrayal, underhand moves, actions, guns, and more The Cincinnati Kid is recognized as a fast-paced thriller which undoes the huge myth of the underground gambling world. A classic in every way.


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