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Should more Hollywood hits feature in Nektan online casino games?

by Tom Walsh

You might not have heard of Nektan, but if you’re an online casino player, the chances are you’ve played one of their games. Nektan are one of the largest developers and distributers of mobile and online casino games, with online slots being their speciality. Founded in 2011, the company has gone from strength to strength, including entering into online partnerships with some big name casinos like LeoVegas and Sun Play. You can find some of the best Nektan online casinos in this list on bestcasinosites.net.

Nektan have worked hard to develop their unique platform, integrating high-quality games with a user-friendly interface. One of the ways they have done this is by working with mobile payment engine Boku, which allows their mobile gamers to deposit money in their accounts by simply entering their mobile number rather than having to copy out all of the details from their debit or credit card. This simple addition has a huge effect on the usability of their sites, and is received positively by their customers.

However, in 2020, things began to change for Nektan. After running at a loss, the company was removed from the London Stock Exchange and sold part of its business. While they have assured customers that their online casino games will not be affected, this move perhaps signals that a change is needed. While Nektan did very well off the development of their signature Evolve software, which allows their games to perform well on both mobile and desktop browsers, this is now an industry standard, so Nektan might need to look elsewhere for new ways to make their games stand out.

One way which has proved very popular in the past is to develop slots based on known franchises, for example, popular Hollywood films. Through licensing agreements, slot developers can use images and music from the films, giving fans an authentic experience and making the game more exciting that a generic slot. Slots based on films are more likely to appeal to new players; being faced with a page full of slot games can be daunting, and something that looks familiar is more likely to draw the eye. Some hugely successful film-inspired slots which are already out there include Gladiator, Bridesmaids, Jurassic Park and Ghostbusters.

Modern technology has developed online slots beyond the simple five-reel spinning system, meaning that developers have less limitations over what they can include. Many online slots include bonus rounds and mini-games, and this is where using a film theme can really make the slot unique. As well as including clips from the film, mini-games can allow the player to re-enact scenes or play as the main character. For example, the Rocky slot has a knockout bonus mode which allows you to fight different characters from the films, and the Ghostbusters slot has bonus games including fan favourites Slimer and the Marshmallow Man.

Obviously, because of the licencing fees needed, theming casino games after Hollywood hits can be more expensive than opting for a generic theme. However, if Nektan produced a truly high-quality slot, like one of these modern examples, then the popularity of the game should see them bring in good returns on their investment. And with Nektan’s proven track record of top notch design and innovative playability, there’s no reason why they couldn’t.

Nektan have had great success by striking up partnerships with established online casino brands, and buying into a movie franchise would bring the same benefits. It would raise their profile by being associated with a popular brand, and bring their products to the attention of millions of fans and potential players. And once new players are signed up to a site, they will start to explore the other games on offer and find new favourites amongst all the options.

In the world of online game development, Nektan are still a relatively new and small company. They are competing with more established players like NetEnt and Microgaming, and while they have been growing very successfully by themselves, a big-name slot based on a blockbuster movie could be the extra push they need to rise to the next level. With all their existing games developed in HTML5 in order to be fully adaptive between devices, Nektan are obviously very much focused on futureproofing their technology. But there’s no point in planning for longevity if you don’t have the users to support your long-term plans. Nektan have built up a catalogue of over 150 online slot games, and adding a couple of film-based titles to their portfolio will help to increase their visibility in the market.

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