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Trailer for ‘Rogue Warfare’ which lands this week

We’ve just been sent over some info for Rogue Warfare, a new film, the first in a series of three movies, which has launched this week. The second and third instalment, Rogue Warfare: The Hunt and Rogue Warfare: Death Of A Nation will be released monthly and made available from 16th March and 13th April respectively.

Will Yun Lee (Altered Carbon) is Daniel, part of an elite task force made up of soldiers from across the world, united to eliminate a common threat to civilisation, the sinister group – the Black Masks. Rogue Warfare also stars action veteran Stephen Lang (Avatar, Don’t Breathe).

In the war torn desert of the Middle East, a new threat rises. The Black Masks, combining technology, an unwillingness to compromise, and brutal violence, stand on the forefront of national security to all nations and they must be stopped. The United States, along with the permanent members of the security council have held top secret meetings approving a covert mission to stamp out this new organisation. With unanimous approval from China, Russia, Great Britain and France, an elite squad of special forces is assembled, drawing representatives from each nation, who are classified as the very best each nation has to offer. They stand ready to carry out the world’s most important mission: find and destroy The Black Masks.

Watch the trailer for the first movie below.


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